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Deliberative Workshops

Have Your Say On Gene Technologies for Environmental Purposes

Engage in a discussion about the use of gene technologies for managing some of New Zealand’s invasive plants and animals.



We are running deliberative workshops across New Zealand throughout April and May 2024 to gather people’s perspectives on the use of gene technology for environmental purposes.  Each workshop takes 90 minutes and involves participants in small groups deliberating on two environmental scenarios.


We believe it is important New Zealanders have the opportunity to deliberate about the use of gene technology for environmental purposes so that wider perspectives can inform and shape science research and development.


We provide deliberative tools to support participants to discuss the scenarios and genetic technologies.  This includes information cards which outline the environmental problem, current environmental management tools to manage the issue and potential new gene technologies.  In addition participants will hear perspectives of gene technologies that were gathered from people in Phase 1 of the research to show the many diverse views that New Zealanders have about gene technologies. 
The workshop is designed so you can engage with others and freely share your perspectives.  We do not shape people’s perspectives and we welcome all views. 


At the end of each deliberation, each group writes its 'consensus' decision about the tools they believe should be used to manage each environmental issue, and any cautions they believe are needed to mitigate risks they have identified around these tools.

All information provided at these workshops is anonymous, so you will not be identified in any of the research publications.


The research is funded by the Biological Heritage National Science Challenge and has ethics approval.  You can view the Participant Information Sheet HERE.  Participants will also be asked to complete a Consent Form that is available HERE.

See below for details of upcoming workshops. Registration for our events is essential, so if you would like to attend please use the link to sign up.


Please check back for details of our next workshop.




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