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Rules of Engagement

We welcome comments and feedback across our website and look forward to thought provoking and challenging discussion.  It is also important this is a place for respectful engagement.


To assist with this, we have established the following Rules of Engagement so our website is a safe place for everyone who visits.  Users should expect their comments to be moderated and those that are inappropriate, disrespectful, offensive or obscene will be removed.

Thank you for taking the time to share with us your views and opinions in this important conversation.  We welcome your comments and feedback.

Forum Rules

Comments made on this website do not necessarily reflect the views of the research team.  There are no right or wrong answers, just opinions and views and all are valid and welcome so long as they meet our Rules of Engagement.  Comments that are published on our website become the copyright of the research project.


Please do not use rude, offensive, derogatory or inflammatory language in your comments. If you do we will either edit it out or delete your comment completely.


We don't allow comments to be completely anonymous.  We at least have to know who you are so please own your comments.  Besides, we may want to follow up to learn more about your views.


No off-topic rants please.  We want to hear your views in a short, concise way.


If you would like to contribute a Forum post please contact us using the details on our Contact page.


Please don't use our website to either spam us or our visitors.  Comments and feedback that don't align with the relevant discussion will not be published.


Please do not embed anchors or keywords in your commentator's name.  We want to know your thoughts, comments and feedback


Your comment should not be a thinly veiled promotion of any product or service.


Any decision of the webmaster to publish, edit or delete comments is final.  Our resources do not run to litigating decisions so if your comment doesn't meet these rules then think about rewording it so it does.

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