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to our conversation about Genetic Technologies and Our Environment

This social research project engaged with people to talk about the role that genetic technologies may play in their visions for the future of environmental conservation in Aotearoa / New Zealand.


Project Newsletters

Our Research Project

People have different views of genetic technologies and our research has listened to all perspectives. The project had four stages so participants could drive these conversations:

STAGE 1: Public engagement to elicit views of genetic technologies and its role in conservation.

STAGE 2: Workshops to consider Stage 1 results.

STAGE 3: Deliberation with multiple cohorts.

STAGE 4: Integration, analysis and synopsis of results into a final report.

Our Research Team

Our research team has a breadth of expertise in social research, qualitative and quantitative methodologies and programme evaluation.  


Our researchers are well versed in multi-disciplinary research including: collaborations with scholars and scientists working in gene technology; iwi/hapū and whanau; and stakeholders and practitioners with interest in gene technologies.

Our Research Partner

Te Tira Whakamātaki, the Māori Biosecurity Network, lead engagement with Māori using cultural principles to guide their work including: 

TOHUNGATANGA       | Expertise​​

MANAAKITANGA.        | Reciprocity of Care​​

WHANAUNGATANGA | Relationship & Connection

RANGATIRATANGA     | Leadership & Sovereignty

WAIRUATANGA            | Uniqueness & Belonging​​

KAITIAKITANGA           | Stewardship

These will ensure relevance for iwi and hapū.

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